Your Dream Kitchen Design Starts with Schrock

It’s rare that you get to redesign your kitchen, so when you do, you want it to be perfect.

We do our best to help you achieve that: bringing your vision and kitchen space together to create a design you can be proud of (and that fits your budget). They say that every kitchen starts with the right cabinets, and you build the rest around them. That’s why we carry Schrock Cabinets.


We like the durability and smart features they build into their cabinets. For more than 50 years, they’ve been perfecting the designs, features, and details that customers like you have asked for.

The original Schrock brothers started their business with the solid craftsmanship and handcrafted care they learned from their Amish neighbors. They built on that legacy with forward thinking in their styling, mounting, door, and drawer designs, and their service makes them a great partner.

They follow their own high standards: make cabinetry that is beautiful, functional, durable, and performs the way you always wanted. It’s all in the details.

They even have something they call their “FourEver Quality Assurance”. They promise to deliver beautiful cabinet finishes that are also durable, with innovative organization options to improve function in your room, with unmatched load-bearing strength. And you’ll love their no-slam closing on cabinet doors, drawers, roll trays, and pullouts.*

Schrock is a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program. They’re committed to sustainability, and use environmentally responsible materials in cabinet products, made with reduced environmental impact by recycling waste and using low-emission coatings. They actually go beyond minimum industry requirements and demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility.

Visit our kitchen page for tips to get started, then make an appointment with one of our kitchen design pros to make it happen!


*Most, but not all, cabinet doors, drawers, roll trays and pullouts feature their Smart Stop™ closing mechanism. Ask us if there are any exceptions in your cabinet order.

Burning Need: Local Wood Pellets for Winter

Winter is on its way, time to stock up for the cold months. One of your biggest needs (if you own a pellet stove) is fuel, and wood is considered a sustainable, healthy choice. Even better, buying local wood pellets will support the local economy. Buy now in bulk to save money, and you’re completing a trifecta! One of our regular pellet suppliers is Curran. Why are they such a good choice?

Pure Process

Curran Pellets are made from timber harvested by Seaway Timber Harvesting. Logging crews put the trees through a de-limber to remove branches and a flail chipper to remove bark, leaving clean green stems to be chipped for wood pellet production. The clean green chips are then ground and put through a dryer and ground again to final size. The sawdust from this process is then extruded into pellets with pure compression and no additives.

Pellet pricing comparison

Superior Quality

Curran received a rare qualification for the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards Program, the only one of its kind in the United States. To meet the criteria of the PFI Standards Program, they are randomly audited, and accredited for premium grade quality. Wood pellets are tested independently and in-house, to ensure their pellet quality remains consistent.



Curran is also Rainforest Alliance Certified and recognized for meeting the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Their wood pellet plant is the first biomass facility to be FSC certified in North America. The Rainforest Alliance and FSC are independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, international organizations established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

In addition to being a strong local employer and responsible steward of our natural resources, all of Curran’s wood pellets are graded premium by the PFI Institute’s highest standard for Residential/ Commercial Densified Fuel.

Stop in today for your wood pellet fuel!

Earn DeWalt Rebate for Your Charitable Donation

We have partnered with national tool retailer DeWalt to give back to the local community by helping needy individuals and families stay warm through their “Trade In & Help Out” jacket trade-in program.

For every gently used winter coat (or 18V tool, dead or alive) donated to the store, you get $100 off a DeWalt heated jacket or DeWalt tool kit!

The donated jackets are given to a local charity we have chosen for this year: our local Urban Mission.

“Winter in the North Country is a challenge and this promotion offers our customers a big discount on some great products, while also giving back to the less fortunate in our community,” said Travis Taylor, Assistant Manager of White’s Lumber in Watertown, who spearheaded the program for the store. “Thanks to DeWalt for their support. Warm clothing is always a need at this time of year.”


The program will run through October 31st. Every year, many people donate jackets with no expectation of the rebate. All donations are appreciated.

“The people of our region are always generous to those less fortunate,” said Brad White, President of White’s Lumber, “and this program complements our year-round efforts to build a stronger community.”

Thank you for your donation!

Duckback Stains: Best for Your Wood

We’re often asked why we carry certain products over others, and Duckback Stains are an easy answer. Duckback Products was founded more than twenty years ago by people who wanted to formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences, and other outdoor investments. The small group of founders called themselves “Ducks”, and committed to making high-quality coatings that would protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays, and shed rainfall “like water off a duck’s back”. Hence the name.

The Ducks refused to be part of an existing corporation, preferring to risk a start-up so they could create a new culture founded on innovative thinking, and the freedom to create unique products in an established industry where innovation seemed to be lacking.

Starting with very little funding and used equipment, they created a line of products that would outperform many established brands in all of the varied climatic regions of their native state, California. From deep snow and winter cold, to wet and foggy coastlands, and the hot and dry deserts, Duckback stains were designed to meet any challenge, and the company thrived. This kind of performance proved itself more than a match for the weather in every region into which they expanded in the U.S. and Canada.

Their reputation grew over the years, as their products performed beautifully on simple homes and multi-million-dollar wood sided homes and decks. They made sure that, as they grew, their products maintained the high standards they had set at the beginning. Several of the original employees still work at Duckback (and continue to refer to themselves as Ducks!) They also continue to innovate their products and services.

Duckback stains cover every preference and style, from transparent and semi-transparent to solid and semi-solid color stains. With this kind of stain protecting your deck or home, you can feel confident embracing their motto: “Live the Outdoors!

Labor Day Rebate

Duckback is so confident in their products that they’re offering a mail-in rebate now on their 4 best-sellers. Check out the sale, and order yours now!

August 28-September 10, 2016

  • $8 per gallon-size container, exterior stain
  • $40 per 5-gallon size container, exterior stain
  • Maximum $80 per household


Winterizing with Anti-Freeze

We hate to use the “W” word just yet, but Labor Day is coming, and it’s time to at least plan for next season! That means prepping your summer home, cottage, boat, RV, and more so you’ll be ready to go in the spring. A big part is properly protecting your water systems from freezing damage. Choose the right product and do it right, and you’ll sleep easier over the cold months, knowing your plumbing is protected.

You’ll feel even more prepared (and, let’s face it, like a boss) when you get your anti-freeze at a big discount now because you planned ahead. This is your chance.

Only $2.69/gallon for a pallet of 240 or more.

Though some have already fled the north country for warmer locations, or at least locked up for the season, you still have time to get your winterizing done with a great propylene glycol-based anti-freeze, for safe, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic protection to -50 deg. Fahrenheit. This anti-freeze coolant provides lubrication to extend the life of seals on pumps and valves throughout your system, including faucets and toilets in RVs and camping trailers. It’s also safe for all potable (drinking) water systems, and protects non-running engines (marine and other), and camp systems.

We recommend our special, Easy Going anti-freeze.

Easy Going RV/Marine anti-freeze is now only $2.89/gallon!* (reg. $3.79/gallon)

Easy Going anti-freeze is also great for mobile homes, swimming pools, and all fresh water systems. You get burst protection to -50 deg. Fahrenheit, and it inhibits fouling and corrosion while preventing algae growth.

Stop in to your local White’s Lumber store and buy before Sept. 5th, and besides saving a bundle, you’ll sleep easier knowing that a cold upstate winter won’t give you any surprises in the spring.

*Good through Sept. 5, 2016 only.

Perfect Planters: Surreal Keeps it Looking Natural

If you’ve been waiting to find the right planter to fit into your landscape, we have just the thing: Surreal Log Planters. These planters were designed by a professional movie set builder, molded from actual birch and oak logs, and fashioned from durable polyurethane. They make your indoor or outdoor plant and flower displays look natural without the mess.


People are surprised that the planters aren’t made from actual wood, and marvel at how beautiful they are. As Surreal says, “The bark looks just like the real thing, right down to the texture. The colors are so real. The imperfections are real. The shapes and sizes are real.” Surreal Planters are molded from actual oak and birch logs, and then painted by hand. They’re like miniature works of art gracing your home, with much greater durability, and much lighter for easy placement and adjustment.

The planters are also strong, so they’re difficult to crack or break, they never go out of style, and they enhance your plant presentation without competing. They’re also finished by hand for amazing detail, and resist fading for years in the sun.

Surreal planters are also practical, designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil, so you have healthier plants, and won’t need to water them as often. The planters also insulate your plants, keeping the roots cooler on hot days, and insulating them from freezing on cold nights. The planters themselves are impervious to weather, and will give you many seasons of enjoyment. You can even leave them out all winter long!


A nice bonus: Surreal Log Planters are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Right now, all of our Surreal Log Planters are 20% off*! So stop in to your local White’s Lumber store and check out these phenomenal planters!

*While supplies last. Discount applies to in-stock items only.

Warning: Emerald Ash Borers Spreading

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a small green invasive wood boring beetle that attacks and kills ash trees. How bad is it? The EAB is responsible for the destruction of more than 50 million ash trees in the U.S. since it was first discovered (in North America) in Michigan in 2002. It has since been found in more than 18 states and Canada. This metallic green beetle is native to East Asia, and was imported to the U.S. within the wood of shipping crates from China. It’s all been downhill from there.

Photo: Howard Russell, MI State U.
Photo: Howard Russell, MI State U.

The adults live on the outside of ash trees, feeding on the leaves during the summer. The larvae look similar to white grubs, and feed on the living plant tissue beneath the bark. The trees are killed by the tunneling activity of the larvae under the tree’s bark, which disrupts the vascular flow. Most trees die within just 2 to 4 years of becoming infested.

The EAB can only fly a few miles, which helps slow its natural spread, but it’s easily transported to new areas when people inadvertently move the larvae inside of infested firewood, ash nursery stock, and other ash items. Remember not to move firewood from infested areas into non-infested areas!

Photo: David Cappaert
Photo: David Cappaert

Emerald Ash Borer Facts:

  • Adults are typically bright metallic green
  • Females can lay up to 200 eggs
  • Eggs are laid in bark crevices or cracks, and hatch after 2 weeks. Larvae chew through the bark to the phloem and cambium layers and feed, creating serpentine tunnels which effectively girdle the tree
  • In the fall, larvae develop into pupae, and become adults the following spring. Adults exit a tree by chewing a characteristic “D-shaped” hole in the bark

Our In-Stock Solution: Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control

We carry Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control, made by Bonide, proven to be an effective treatment for the emerald ash bore. We have this product in stock now, and the application is straightforward:

Bonide Gallon_Quart1

  • Apply as a drench around the root flare of trees for total protection
  • One application lasts an entire year
  • Apply anytime except when soil is water saturated or frozen

If you have ash trees, take a moment to learn more before you take action. Although the EAB threat is real, make sure you understand the specific risk to your trees, the regulations and quarantines, and your options, before destroying these beautiful trees (or losing substantial income from your woodlot). Learn more here.

Window and Door Specials for Every Season



MI Windows & Doors is celebrating the season in a big way, with specials every month.

Through the end of this month (August), they’re offering a FREE Energy Start upgrade. Order model 1555 double-hung windows, and get a free double-strength glass upgrade, with a lifetime glass breakage warranty and a U-value that’s Energy Star approved. Save more on your energy bills, and take advantage of this great deal when you order!

Pay special attention to the exact start and end dates (below), and keep an eye out for more specials in our monthly flyers. Note: All orders will need to be placed within the dates shown below.

Month Dates Promotion
August August 1st-August 29th Free Energy Star Upgrade (DSB)


Get Ready for Summer!

We want to celebrate summer with you, so we’re teaming up with Schrock Cabinetry to offer you a big discount on your next kitchen cabinet order!

Now through May 20th, when you pre-order select-style Schrock cabinets—including Asbury, Galena, Huxley, Parker, and Prestley—you could qualify for great prices on kitchen cabinets: up to 65% off from us, PLUS an additional 10% off from Schrock, PLUS an additional 5% off from us!*


We’ll sit down with you, discuss your kitchen ideas, and create your perfect kitchen design. We can place the order for you, and you can shop for your cabinet hardware and supplies right here. From remodeled kitchens to new construction, we’ll have whatever you need.

Why Schrock?

Schrock’s legacy is built on a solid foundation of quality craftsmanship, forward thinking, and friendly service. They were founded in 1961, and specialize in classically beautiful, handcrafted cabinetry that stands the test of time. Based in the heart of Amish country, Schrock Cabinetry offers many options to add warmth, organization, and individuality to your space.

And all their cabinets are backed by their “FourEver Quality Assurance”, which covers four major qualities: beauty, function, strength, and performance. It’s a promise that they’ll deliver beautiful cabinet finishes that are also durable, innovative organization to improve function in your room, unmatched strength with their load-bearing back, and lasting performance.

As a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, Schrock also demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability. This includes the use of environmentally responsible materials in cabinet products, and reduced environmental impact through recycling waste and using low-emission coatings.

Start getting ready by watching our quick tips video before you stop in and see them for yourself. Let’s design your dream kitchen! Fill out the form below or stop in at your local White’s Lumber store.

*Stop in and see one of our kitchen experts to see which cabinets qualify. Discounts are applied consecutively, so the price is discounted by 65%, then the resulting price is discounted by an additional 15%. Entra style is not included in this promotion. Not valid with any other Schrock Cabinetry promotional offer.

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