Winter Home Improvement Projects

There’s something especially rewarding about getting a head start on home improvement projects. You don’t have to sit inside waiting for winter to end before you get going on making things look and work better around the house. Here’s a list of things that you can do around the house this winter whether it’s thirty below or the heat is … Read More

Festool Demo Days at Clayton and Watertown

Join us on September 27th, from 8am-12pm at our Clayton and Watertown locations for free food and demonstrations with exciting new tools from Festool! Come in and see how it all comes together– versatile tools and time-saving accessories combine to help you do more work, at a higher level, in less time. See you there! Call for further details. Watertown … Read More

August 16th Contractors’ Cookout From White’s

One of the best things about being in the building supplies business is getting to know the fine people and small businesses in the market across Upstate New York! We try to do everything that we can to be a big part of this community, and it’s always a pleasure and privilege to help bring these people together— even if … Read More

The 29th Annual Home Show Was Great

Another Year, Another Great Home Show! It was another successful Home Show this year with over 80 vendors, tons of people from all over the Northeast, and some of the best in the business showing the crowd why this continues to be what we’d wager is the best home show in the state! Every year we bring together the best … Read More

Prepare For Spring and Summer

Springtime! When the seasons change, the weather can have a pretty big impact on your home and property. The winter turning into spring is, for many of us, one of the most exciting changes of the year and brings nothing but joy. However, along with that joy the warming air and melting snow could bring about overrun gutters, leaky roofs, … Read More

Save Money and Materials

Recycling wasted materials from your job site can save you money when you’re moving from one location to the next. For a lot of contractors and people taking on multiple DIY projects a year, recycling and upcycling wood and other materials can make a huge difference on the impact a job has on the wallet. Even if you aren’t the … Read More

Be prepared for the cold.

When the weather changes and the wind is a sharp chill against your face early in the morning, there is only one thing that could mean—winter is on the horizon. We talk about it when it’s coming. We talk about it when it’s here. We complain about it all year long. The cold weather, the heavy slush, and the snow … Read More