Save Money and Materials

Recycling wasted materials from your job site can save you money when you’re moving from one location to the next. For a lot of contractors and people taking on multiple DIY projects a year, recycling and upcycling wood and other materials can make a huge difference on the impact a job has on the wallet. Even if you aren’t the … Read More

Be prepared for the cold.

When the weather changes and the wind is a sharp chill against your face early in the morning, there is only one thing that could mean—winter is on the horizon. We talk about it when it’s coming. We talk about it when it’s here. We complain about it all year long. The cold weather, the heavy slush, and the snow … Read More

You’re already on your way to a great remodel

You might already have the things you need to get your DIY project off the ground and running. You might not think yourself a master craftsman with the skills and know-how to pull off that bathroom remodel, or addition to your back porch. But hold on; don’t hang up the tool belt just yet. You might have something that can … Read More

Go Green. Save Money!

There are a ton of benefits to going green when you are working on a remodel project on your home. Everything from a lower electricity bill to a better-looking final product, to saving money now and in the future! There’s a pretty good chance that last bit of benefits caught your eye. Yeah, you can save a ton of money … Read More