The biggest difference you’ll find at White’s Lumber and Building Supplies is the experience of our staff.

It’s the reason professionals and Do-It-Yourselvers alike come to us. Other stores have high turnover, and often newly trained summer employees who know only what’s printed on the back of the package. Our individual department staff averages 25 years of experience, much of it doing exactly the kind of work for which you’re buying supplies. They give you the benefit of their experience every day, free of charge. When you ask a question, you’ll get the right answer, and you’ll save even more time and trouble with advice you didn’t even realize you needed.

Whether you’re fixing a small problem, doing serious remodeling, working on a custom solution, or building an entire home from the ground up, we have the answers you need. Solve any home improvement or repair problem, and save time, trouble, and money by getting the right help and the right advice, courtesy of the professionals at White’s Lumber.