Be prepared for the cold.

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When the weather changes and the wind is a sharp chill against your face early in the morning, there is only one thing that could mean—winter is on the horizon. We talk about it when it’s coming. We talk about it when it’s here. We complain about it all year long. The cold weather, the heavy slush, and the snow aren’t just annoying things that all New Yorkers have to deal with for what seems like half the year. These nuisances are also things that we all need to be more aware of in order to keep our property in order and prepare for what’s to come.

There are a few things that you most certainly have to keep an eye on during the unforgiving months of winter. Everyone knows about the dangers of the snow building up over time and it is a danger to your home and parts of your property because of its damp weight. Well, with the weight of the snow being an issue it’s important to trim and remove any precarious branches or tree limbs before they fall under the weight of snow and smash your home or vehicle or you! Clearing off the roofs of sheds and garages can be a good idea when the lake effect comes and goes so as to remove some of the threat of roofs buckling under the weight in the future.

Check Yourself

It’s important for you to check all of your vents and chimneys during the winter. With the accumulation of snow, the purpose of these vents and chimneys is defeated. When your vents are covered, there is no way for the gasses to escape. When this takes place there is a real and serious danger of carbon monoxide backing up into your home. It’s not always something that you can tell right away, often causing one to simply feel light-headed with the possibility of suffocating after passing out. Check any part of your home where gas and head escapes and make sure there is an opening for those harmful gasses to escape. You are also going to want to check your furnace filter once a month, making sure it is clean and in proper working condition. This is another potential danger of polluting your air.

Wet ground and muddy driveways.

The ground is a gross and uncomfortable mixture of mud and slush during and after the winter, and with its saturation comes a whole slew of issues that may arise. One common problem that homeowners have in the spring is often flooding related. When the snow melts the flow of water can make its way into your basements and destroy property. Make sure your sump pump is good and ready to handle the influx of water with the thawing of the landscape. Give it a test run and make sure it will do exactly what it was designed for.


Stay warm, keep your property in good working order, and you can make it through the winter safe and sound and ready to take advantage of the spring and summer when the sun returns. Everything you need to maintain your home before, during, and after the winter can be found at White’s Lumber. We’ve got great deals and the know-how to make sure you know what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done.