DIY Toolbox Checklist

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Perfect DIY Toolbox

If you’re not completely overhauling a room, sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself. You’ve got a hammer and some nails. You’re all set, right? Not Quite. It doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom to fix up your mudroom or remodel your living room. But, there are some things that you are going to want in order to be … Read More

Your Dream Kitchen Design Starts with Schrock


Dream Kitchen

It’s rare that you get to redesign your kitchen, so when you do, you want it to be perfect. We do our best to help you achieve that: bringing your vision and kitchen space together to create a design you can be proud of (and that fits your budget). They say that every kitchen starts with the right cabinets, and … Read More

Earn DeWalt Rebate for Your Charitable Donation


Community Help

We have partnered with national tool retailer DeWalt to give back to the local community by helping needy individuals and families stay warm through their “Trade In & Help Out” jacket trade-in program. For every gently used winter coat (or 18V tool, dead or alive) donated to the store, you get $100 off a DeWalt heated jacket or DeWalt tool … Read More

Burning Need: Local Wood Pellets for Winter

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Wood Pellets

Winter is on its way, time to stock up for the cold months. One of your biggest needs (if you own a pellet stove) is fuel, and wood is considered a sustainable, healthy choice. Even better, buying local wood pellets will support the local economy. Buy now in bulk to save money, and you’re completing a trifecta! One of our … Read More

Duckback Stains: Best for Your Wood


Backyard Deck

We’re often asked why we carry certain products over others, and Duckback Stains are an easy answer. Duckback Products was founded more than twenty years ago by people who wanted to formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences, and other outdoor investments. The small group of founders called themselves “Ducks”, and … Read More

Winterizing with Anti-Freeze

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We hate to use the “W” word just yet, but Labor Day is coming, and it’s time to at least plan for next season! That means prepping your summer home, cottage, boat, RV, and more so you’ll be ready to go in the spring. A big part is properly protecting your water systems from freezing damage. Choose the right product … Read More