Winter Home Improvement Projects

There’s something especially rewarding about getting a head start on home improvement projects. You don’t have to sit inside waiting for winter to end before you get going on making things look and work better around the house. Here’s a list of things that you can do around the house this winter whether it’s thirty below or the heat is … Read More

Prepare For Spring and Summer

Springtime! When the seasons change, the weather can have a pretty big impact on your home and property. The winter turning into spring is, for many of us, one of the most exciting changes of the year and brings nothing but joy. However, along with that joy the warming air and melting snow could bring about overrun gutters, leaky roofs, … Read More

Be prepared for the cold.

When the weather changes and the wind is a sharp chill against your face early in the morning, there is only one thing that could mean—winter is on the horizon. We talk about it when it’s coming. We talk about it when it’s here. We complain about it all year long. The cold weather, the heavy slush, and the snow … Read More

Winter Home Improvement

Winter Home Improvement

Ugh. Winter is the worst. It’s cold, gas and electric bills go up, and you’re stuck inside when you’re not outside skiing or building an igloo. And the worst of all is you have to wait until the spring to get anything done in terms of home improvement. Hold your horses there, partner. There’s a ton you can do to … Read More

Burning Need: Local Wood Pellets for Winter

Wood Pellets

Winter is on its way, time to stock up for the cold months. One of your biggest needs (if you own a pellet stove) is fuel, and wood is considered a sustainable, healthy choice. Even better, buying local wood pellets will support the local economy. Buy now in bulk to save money, and you’re completing a trifecta! One of our … Read More

Winterizing with Anti-Freeze

We hate to use the “W” word just yet, but Labor Day is coming, and it’s time to at least plan for next season! That means prepping your summer home, cottage, boat, RV, and more so you’ll be ready to go in the spring. A big part is properly protecting your water systems from freezing damage. Choose the right product … Read More

Warning: Emerald Ash Borers Spreading

Ash Tree

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a small green invasive wood boring beetle that attacks and kills ash trees. How bad is it? The EAB is responsible for the destruction of more than 50 million ash trees in the U.S. since it was first discovered (in North America) in Michigan in 2002. It has since been found in more than … Read More

Window and Door Specials for Every Season

MI Windows

MI Windows & Doors is celebrating the season in a big way, with specials every month. Through the end of this month (August), they’re offering a FREE Energy Start upgrade. Order model 1555 double-hung windows, and get a free double-strength glass upgrade, with a lifetime glass breakage warranty and a U-value that’s Energy Star approved. Save more on your energy … Read More

Get Ready for Summer!

We want to celebrate summer with you, so we’re teaming up with Schrock Cabinetry to offer you a big discount on your next kitchen cabinet order! Now through May 20th, when you pre-order select-style Schrock cabinets—including Asbury, Galena, Huxley, Parker, and Prestley—you could qualify for great prices on kitchen cabinets: up to 65% off from us, PLUS an additional 10% … Read More