Duckback Stains: Best for Your Wood


Backyard Deck

We’re often asked why we carry certain products over others, and Duckback Stains are an easy answer. Duckback Products was founded more than twenty years ago by people who wanted to formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences, and other outdoor investments. The small group of founders called themselves “Ducks”, and committed to making high-quality coatings that would protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays, and shed rainfall “like water off a duck’s back”. Hence the name.

The Ducks refused to be part of an existing corporation, preferring to risk a start-up so they could create a new culture founded on innovative thinking, and the freedom to create unique products in an established industry where innovation seemed to be lacking.

Starting with very little funding and used equipment, they created a line of products that would outperform many established brands in all of the varied climatic regions of their native state, California. From deep snow and winter cold, to wet and foggy coastlands, and the hot and dry deserts, Duckback stains were designed to meet any challenge, and the company thrived. This kind of performance proved itself more than a match for the weather in every region into which they expanded in the U.S. and Canada.

Their reputation grew over the years, as their products performed beautifully on simple homes and multi-million-dollar wood sided homes and decks. They made sure that, as they grew, their products maintained the high standards they had set at the beginning. Several of the original employees still work at Duckback (and continue to refer to themselves as Ducks!) They also continue to innovate their products and services.

Duckback stains cover every preference and style, from transparent and semi-transparent to solid and semi-solid color stains. With this kind of stain protecting your deck or home, you can feel confident embracing their motto: “Live the Outdoors!”

Labor Day Rebate

Duckback is so confident in their products that they’re offering a mail-in rebate now on their 4 best-sellers. Check out the sale, and order yours now!

August 28-September 10, 2016

  • $8 per gallon-size container, exterior stain
  • $40 per 5-gallon size container, exterior stain
  • Maximum $80 per household

Duckback Rebate