Perfect Planters: Surreal Keeps it Looking Natural

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Backyard Planters

If you’ve been waiting to find the right planter to fit into your landscape, we have just the thing: Surreal Log Planters. These planters were designed by a professional movie set builder, molded from actual birch and oak logs, and fashioned from durable polyurethane. They make your indoor or outdoor plant and flower displays look natural without the mess.

People are surprised that the planters aren’t made from actual wood, and marvel at how beautiful they are. As Surreal says, “The bark looks just like the real thing, right down to the texture. The colors are so real. The imperfections are real. The shapes and sizes are real.” Surreal Planters are molded from actual oak and birch logs, and then painted by hand. They’re like miniature works of art gracing your home, with much greater durability, and much lighter for easy placement and adjustment.

The planters are also strong, so they’re difficult to crack or break, they never go out of style, and they enhance your plant presentation without competing. They’re also finished by hand for amazing detail, and resist fading for years in the sun.

Surreal planters are also practical, designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil, so you have healthier plants, and won’t need to water them as often. The planters also insulate your plants, keeping the roots cooler on hot days, and insulating them from freezing on cold nights. The planters themselves are impervious to weather, and will give you many seasons of enjoyment. You can even leave them out all winter long!

Surreal Log PlantersA nice bonus: Surreal Log Planters are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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