Prepare For Spring and Summer



When the seasons change, the weather can have a pretty big impact on your home and property. The winter turning into spring is, for many of us, one of the most exciting changes of the year and brings nothing but joy. However, along with that joy the warming air and melting snow could bring about overrun gutters, leaky roofs, chipped paint, and other nuisances. Oftentimes, we are so excited to be able to go outside without ice forming in our hair and our skin being wind burnt and we overlook the beating that our property takes without the ability to put a jacket on or go inside to hide from the wind, snow, sleet, and rain. Here is a list of things to keep an eye on this year:

  • Keep an eye on your gutters, with the buildup of snow comes to the accumulation of debris and who knows what else. Clear your gutters, make sure they are properly secured to the side of your home, and make sure the same is true of downspouts—this will help keep your property in good shape when the snow all melts and the rains come.
  • As soon as you can, check your roof to make sure shingles haven’t shifted, fallen off, warped, and no part of skylights or chimney flashings have lost their seal. This can cause leaks and further property damage.
  • Have a look at your siding, the weight and pressure of winter weather often knock siding loose and can even knock segments of it right off your home. Make sure it’s all still there and secured well.
  • Check your air conditioner unit as well, it’s better to make sure everything is in order and nothing has been damaged in the early spring rather than waiting until summer. If you need a new unit, it’s smart to do so now before prices increase and supply is low when it’s hot and steamy outside.


Chances are you are going to need to do some rehabilitation of your landscaping as well as home when the weather changes and you have free and easy access to your lawn. Come into White’s Lumber and our home improvement experts can help you find everything you need to maintain and improve your home for and during the Spring!