Winter Home Improvement Projects

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There’s something especially rewarding about getting a head start on home improvement projects. You don’t have to sit inside waiting for winter to end before you get going on making things look and work better around the house. Here’s a list of things that you can do around the house this winter whether it’s thirty below or the heat is melting the snow.

Brighten things up with new interior paints.

Things are pretty gray in Upstate New York during the colder months. That doesn’t mean you can’t liven things up inside with a fresh coat of paint. We carry tons of colors, textures, and brands of premium paint—we’ve got what you need. This indoor improvement project can increase the value of your home as well as change things up if you’re looking to make an old room feel new.
A lighter or brighter color is a great option for low light areas of the home (of which there are many during the winter months). White walls can brighten up a space, but if you’re looking for something a little more exotic than we’ve got a whole lot of other colors that are great at opening and warming up a space. Lavender is a great option when you’re looking to brighten up a room with a subtle yet playful color. A lavender color compliments a darker floor very well, so if you’re looking to compliment the hardwood this might be the way to go. Another great option is a deep, warm yellow color. There might only be a few hours of sunlight a week in the North Country, but with a warm sunny yellow color on the walls artificial lights bounce off the walls with more warmth than they would have otherwise. Oranges work well in terms of warming up the space, often with a more subdued aesthetic that plays well off of hardwood floors, as would the lavender or a soft gray color. Pinks and blues are also fun colors that open up, brighten up, and can liven up a space within your home.

Keep the heat in with improvements around the house.

The colder winters can be a pain in the wallet, but with some improvements today you’ll be saving money tomorrow. Seal up openings and air leaks, they’re letting the heat out and the cold in. This can be as inexpensive as applying caulk and waterproof sealant to your home or as all encompassing as sealing all air leaks, applying weather-stripping, and replacing and maintaining insulation throughout your home. All of these things can be done with the help of the professionals at White’s Lumber. These steps along with installing programmable (or smart) thermostats can save you a ton of money in energy consumption over the years. It won’t take as much energy to warm your home and you can set the thermostat to only kick the heat on at times when it’s actually needed.

Refurbish doors and other wooden accents around the home.

Over the years around the house, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been putting off refurbishing or replacing the doors and wooden accents around your home. More often or not the scuffs and dings that come over time are left unnoticed or unaddressed. This can accumulate over time, and fixing up or replacing the damaged bits around the house is the perfect project for the winter. One wouldn’t suggest replacing everything at once, but going around from room to room and making sure everything is up to snuff is a great way to kill some time with constructive projects around the house this winter.

There are a ton of other great projects that you can get to around the house during the winter to brighten and fix up every room in your home. If you are looking for