Winterizing with Anti-Freeze

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We hate to use the “W” word just yet, but Labor Day is coming, and it’s time to at least plan for next season! That means prepping your summer home, cottage, boat, RV, and more so you’ll be ready to go in the spring. A big part is properly protecting your water systems from freezing damage. Choose the right product and do it right, and you’ll sleep easier over the cold months, knowing your plumbing is protected.

You’ll feel even more prepared (and, let’s face it, like a boss) when you get your anti-freeze at a big discount now because you planned ahead. This is your chance.

EasyGoing RV Antifreeze

Only $2.69/gallon for a pallet of 240 or more.

Though some have already fled the north country for warmer locations, or at least locked up for the season, you still have time to get your winterizing done with a great propylene glycol-based anti-freeze, for safe, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic protection to -50 deg. Fahrenheit. This anti-freeze coolant provides lubrication to extend the life of seals on pumps and valves throughout your system, including faucets and toilets in RVs and camping trailers. It’s also safe for all potable (drinking) water systems, and protects non-running engines (marine and other), and camp systems.

We recommend our special, Easy Going anti-freeze.

Easy Going RV/Marine anti-freeze is now only $2.89/gallon!* (reg. $3.79/gallon)

Easy Going anti-freeze is also great for mobile homes, swimming pools, and all fresh water systems. You get burst protection to -50 deg. Fahrenheit, and it inhibits fouling and corrosion while preventing algae growth.

Stop in to your local White’s Lumber store and buy before Sept. 5th, and besides saving a bundle, you’ll sleep easier knowing that a cold upstate winter won’t give you any surprises in the spring.

*Good through Sept. 5, 2016 only.